When I schedule a class with Amy I know it will be stimulating not only for my  body, but also my mind and spirit. I feel welcomed, always, and held within a  sense of community because the balanced atmosphere in her studio nurtures me from the time I walk through the door, throughout my class, and out into my  day, from abs to absolutely!  

 My practice is anchored with a regular reform class. Amy has a talent for  creating a blend of traditional and progressive exercises/moves that keep my  mind focused (no small feat) and my body alert while we work through the layers  of the class. She has an amazing ability to monitor everyone, provide individual  attention as needed and move the group forward while offering levels of the  basic exercise that we can each adapt. Her depth of knowledge is impressive  within the Pilates trainings, and also physiology. 

 Some days I have an abundance of strength, other days I need to cut back. I have learned this life lesson of physical and mental flexibility on the way to a strong body while appropriately challenging myself. Thanks to Amy.  Amy also has a talent for including excellent teachers who conduct in-depth  classes. I trust and recommend Amy and her instructors.